Christmas Catering 2019– Fabulous Foods for the Festive & Holiday Season

Celebrations on your mind?

Visit our factory shop at 133 Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest and get everything you need for a great Christmas function!

You’ll find sharp pricing on our delicious festive selections of Christmas hams and turkeys. Our special deals on party finger foods and desserts are sure to get your mouth watering too. Daily bargains and manufacturing seconds help you throw a party without straining your budget.

Let us help you make this Christmas and New Year a special one.

Come in and see us weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm, or on Saturday from 9 am to noon.

Contact us on (09) 444 5706.

Product Per Unit Normal Price Special Price
Champagne Ham Whole per kg  $13.10  $10.45
Ham on Bone Half or Whole per kg  $12.25  $10.60
Eye Fillet Whole (frozen) per kg  $42.70  $29.85
Scotch Fillet Whole (frozen) per kg  $29.80  $18.95
Sirloin Whole (frozen) per kg  $23.80  $16.45
Chicken Sundry Whole Birds (frozen) ctn per kg  $7.90  $4.95
Turkey Whole Traditionally Farmed #4 Tegel 3.75kg  $60.85  $51.95
Turkey Whole Free Range #6 Canter Valley 5.75kg  $97.50  $79.95
Turkey Roast Apricot or Cranberry Stuffed 1.5kg  $37.70  $33.80
Oysters Half Shell (frozen) 1 doz  $15.25  $11.95
Prawn Cutlets Raw BT 26/30 1kg  $34.45  $22.85
Scallops Plain 30/40 1kg  $39.95  $34.80
Shrimps All Purpose Cooked & Peeled 700gm  $18.60  $12.95
Surimi Salad Mix 1kg  $7.50  $5.85
Butter Salted/Unsalted (limit 10pkts per customer) 500gm  $5.95  $4.85
Bacon and Egg Pie 1.1kg  $13.85  $9.95
Cocktail Spring Rolls/Mini Samosas 1kg  $7.70  $5.95
Cheesecake Fruit Topping (4 flavours) 3kg  $41.55  $36.70
Chocolate Log Filled and Iced 36cm  $29.60  $25.25
Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts (Premium) 6/pkt  $8.60  $5.95
Christmas Pudding Rich Dark Round 700gm  $7.45  $5.95
Cream Gateau Decorated (3 variants) 23cm  $37.95  $28.70
Party Pack Savouries (4 variety) 50/ctn  $28.95  $20.90
Pavlova Round  (2nds) 220gm  $13.65  $7.45
Slice Choc. Fudge, Choc. Caramel, Ginger Crunch 1.6kg  $24.80  $19.95

Prices Include GST. Plus Bargain Bin and Instore Specials.
Specials available until 9th January 2020
(or whilst current stocks last)