Fresh & Frozen Food

From delicious hams to chicken tenders and potato chips, people usually see frozen food as unhealthy food. Is it true, though? We’re going to explain the many effects of freezing food and you can be the judge yourself!

Even though frozen food has a bad image, scientists agree that keeping fruits, vegetables and other ingredients frozen can maintain their vitamins and minerals.

Frozen food can stop the nutrition from depleting and with the current freezer technology, freezing food can actually make them more appetising!

Fresh & Frozen Food

Is Frozen Meat Good?

Meat freezes well and contains nutrients including protein, minerals and vitamins A and D that are unaffected by the process. However, white meat such as poultry (including pork) lacks fat and can have a high water content, so it might fare less well frozen. It is best to use frozen white meat within 6 months. Although the nutrients will remain unaffected, after 6 months the meat could become watery and has less taste.

frozen meat

It’s okay to freeze red meat, as few ice crystals form meaning that it retains most of its taste

Large cuts and joints last better than smaller ones. Small cuts have a larger surface area compared to their volume, so more air reaches the meat, making them more prone to ‘freezer burn’. You can prevent freezer burn by wrapping meat in two layers of airtight cling films to retain moisture.

Avoid using microwaves to defrost meat. Instead, put meat in a freezer bag and place it in cold water for an hour or two. Use frozen lamb, beef, pork and chicken in dishes such as shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, stews and curries and people won’t notice they are made from frozen meats!

To Freeze or Not to Freeze Seafood?

As soon as they are pulled from the sea, fish quality begins to deteriorate. Surprisingly, fresh fish can last three weeks (fillets and whole fish are chilled instead of frozen to stop them going off), so buying frozen means it’s effectively fresher, with more nutrients intact. In addition, prawns and shrimps are especially good from frozen as they have a high fat content.

frozen food fish sea

Seafood can still taste fresh and firm after 3 months in the freezer as moulds and bacteria can’t grow at such low temperatures. Whole salmon lasts particularly well, due to its fat under the skin. Homemade fishcakes, fish soup and fish pies can be delicious when made from frozen fish. As they cook in sauces or are encased by rich potato, you won’t realise even if the fish’s texture has collapsed a little after defrosting.

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