Retirement Home Catering

As people grow older, they may find that they need more assistance with everyday tasks or health care. If they are living alone and unable to do their usual activities as easily as they used to, they may also want an extra company to be with.

Sometimes, the best way to receive help and support can be found by living in an aged care facility (also known as a retirement home), either on a permanent basis or for a short stay. The staff at aged care facilities can help them with day-to-day tasks, personal care, and/or 24-hour nursing care.

Managing a retirement home is not an easy job and we realise that. Part of it is because you have to provide healthy and yet delicious food for the residents. That’s why we’re here to help you. At Northern Foods, we provide retirement home catering services that serve high-quality food, delivered to you in a perfect condition and at affordable prices. Want some Christmas food for your Christmas Night’s party? Hams? Chicken? We will sort it out for you so everybody in the house can enjoy great food!

With a wide range of product lines, including fresh and frozen food, bakery products and basic ingredients like flour and sugar, our unparalleled service guarantees that you will get everything you need at affordable prices. You will enjoy only the highest quality food, whether it’s fresh or frozen. We guarantee that your aged care facilities/retirement homes will never be short of high-quality food anymore!

If you manage a retirement home, contact us now to learn more about our products and services. We will search for solutions to suit you, we aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Most of all, we aim to be your favourite retirement home caterer.

retirement home catering